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FIRE BAN:  Call Jefferson-Como Fire Protection District (719) 836-2082 or for details.

STAGESTOP MONTHLY BOARD MEETING:  There is no meeting in July.   Come meet your neighbors and get acquainted with what is going on in your Stagestop community.

Cleanup Day / Picnic - SATURDAY - AUGUST 12 SOA will provide roll-off dumpsters to help our owners clean up their properties. The dumpsters will be available at 8AM on Saturday 8/12 and will be pulled out about 4PM. The board will be there to help you unload. As usual, the prohibited items include any items with Freon (refrig/freezers), liquid paint, old tires and any HAZARDOUS WASTE of any kind. Please do not bring any household waste. LUNCH WILL BE SERVED at noon.  While the dumpsters are there, we welcome our owners to bring items for a SWAP MEET. Lots of good things change hands and help clear out or add clutter your cabins.

2017 CHIPPER DAYS: The 2017 chipper days are Friday--June 9th, Saturday--July 8th, Saturday--August 26th.  Email to sign up.

Indian Mountain Burn Pit:  Indian Mountain Burn Pit will NOT open as scheduled, and may not open at all unless we get enough moisture for the fire Department to burn the slash from previous years.

Stagestop is a Covenant Controlled Community:  Please remember that Stagestop is a Covenant Controlled Community.  If you did not receive a copy of the Covenants and Bylaws you can access them directly from the website under the left side panel, Covenants & Bylaws / MOU.

Per the covenants of the SOA, any construction or alterations to existing structures or property must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC). The ACC board members and the associated documents can be found under the left side panel, Architectural Control Committee.

Tarryall Fishing Club:  Click on the TFC link in the menus on the left fTor the latest fishing news.

Well Ownership Changes:  Anyone who has acquired a home or land in Stagestop which has an existing well should register the transfer of well ownership with the Colorado Division of Water Resources. A Form is available on their website. The Form Id is GWS-11, Change in Ownership. It's in section V, Well Permitting, General.

OHV/ATV Warning From The Sherriff's Office: The Sheriff's office spends a lot of time chasing down reports of OHVs (ATVs, unlicensed motorcycles, and 4 wheelers) on the county roads. It is illegal, regardless of age of the operator, for OHV/ATVs to be operated on publicly maintained roads , including publicly maintained subdivision roads which includes Stagestop roads. It is also illegal for any unlicensed person under the age of 16 to operate an OHV on any public property including US Forest Service.  All OHVs must be trailered or hauled to all locations for operation.

SOA Notes

Per Stagestop Covenants:

"14. FIREARMS: Discharge of firearms within the subdivision is prohibited."

SOA dues are $79.00 per lot up to two lots.
There is also an assessment currently of $36.00 PER LOT for the maintenance of water augmentation dams.

Dues are to be paid by January 1st but are considered late if mail is post marked after January 31st.  Then a late fee of $25.00 / lot / quarter is incurred! 

SOA Member Website Registration
All SOA members will need to click the 'Not a Member' link in the upper left corner. You will be asked to fill-in and submit your user profile. Once you submit it, your membership will be activated and you will receive an email verifying your activation. Make sure you don't block email from

It is your responsibility to notify the SOA board of any changes to your address or phone number. SOA is not responsible if you don't get your mail.

You will not get your fishing passes or have voting rights if your dues and assessments are not current.


Road & Fire Alerts

Jefferson-Como Fire Protection district: (719) 836-2082 or



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